An exceptional one-stop shop for Virtual & Hybrid Annual General Meetings!

360° Approach

We manage notice distribution, proxies, moderating & hosting, minute taking, etc. We take care of it all, just show up!


We offer bundle packages that help you save on printing, mailing and minute taking costs. 


With well trained & professional moderators, we guarantee a smooth experience with excellent customer service.


Take advantage of our sleek and easy-to-use system, with the option to login in to review instantaneous results and unit owner submissions.

Exceed Quorum for Meetings

Forget the days when you couldn’t achieve quorum! We are your perfect provider to help:

  • Exceed Quorum
  • Pass By-Laws
  • Save printing costs
  • Distribute Notices

Your AGM Meeting Host

Virtual Meeting hosting

Our team hosts and moderates your meeting with simplicity. Show-up stress free! Now offering:

  • Meeting Setup
  • Enterprise-Level Webinar Technology
  • Webcam Panelists Views 
  • Webcam Views for Election Speeches
  • Dress Rehearsal
  • Attendee Registration
  • Live Meeting Moderation 
  • Audience Engagement
  • Real-time Voting
  • Virtual Hand Raising and Polling
  • Presentation & Screen Sharing Ability
  • Meeting Recording

Elections you can trust

Accurate & Secure Live Elections, Surveys & Polls

Allow our automated system to tabulate accurate & secure results. Don’t worry about counting ballots! Our secure system provides:

  • Simple voting system; submit your vote with just a few clicks
  • Security & Encrypted Voting with SSL Encryption
  • Voter Authentication (Token Driven)
  • IP Address Tracking
  • Electronic Candidate Disclosure Submission
  • Owner & Management Portal to view & submit votes

Bundle Up

Take advantage of our bundle package with a 360 degree approach! Offering savings with bundling:

  • Package Distribution
  • Hosting & Moderating 
  • Electronic Voting & Proxy Collection
  • Minute Taking
  • QR codes to obtain more Consent for Electronic Notices

Electronic Live Voting

A well-built electronic voting system which provides owners with live voting and takes proxy submissions into account.

Proxy Voting Systems

A simple and easy-to-use system that generates proxy forms for unit owners wishing to submit a proxy.

Mass Notify Attendees

Send notices to all attendees with meeting reminders to make sure you exceed quorum.

Included Training Sessions

A 30 minute dress rehearsal to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Meeting Video Recording

A link will be sent to you after your meeting with the video recording and options to download for your records.

“We recently used ‘Exceed Quorum’ for our Annual General Meeting. ‘The founder’ was great at accommodating our needs. She moderated the meeting and was great at explaining the process of voting/polling to the residents which allowed us to have a smooth meeting.”

Niththikka Sritharan – Duka Property Management

” ‘Exceed Quorum’ hosted 2 AGMs at our condominium corporations. The meeting set-up process as well as the meetings themselves went very smoothly. The moderator and the support team were always available for any help and support that we needed. Would recommend to other condominiums looking for meeting hosting services!”

Anjelo Kaja – Crossbridge Property Management

“We had our AGM moderated by ‘Exceed Quorum’ . It was a great event meticulously prepared by all parties: the Board of Directors, Management and ‘Exceed Quorum’. All participants were satisfied with the outcome.”

Pavlo Khomenko – DEL Property Management

“Worked with ‘Exceed Quorum’ on two occasions recently for AGM’s. Everything worked out very well, organized, and efficient. Great service and ‘their team’ is great to work with! Will be using this service again!”

Mike DiFloria – Enfield Property Management

“Portfolio Manager for 10 Corporations around the GTA. ‘Exceed Quorum’ have been nothing short of spectacular. I would like to personally thank the founder for her exceptionally fast response given a pandemic and the high demand for online hosting services. Her costs were one of the most reasonable and her ability to host and take the minutes along in a friendly manner that made my clients feel at ease. ‘Exceed Quorum’ is courteous, professional, accommodating, knowledgeable and familiar with the Condominium industry and would recommend to use for any type of meeting.”

Anish Gore – Pro-House Property Management

“Recently completed a virtual AGM with ‘Exceed Quorum’. The process was smooth and efficient, and ‘they’ were very prompt and responsive to any and all questions and concerns that we had. In addition, their minute takers for monthly board meetings are on point and accurate with fast turnaround time. I highly recommend ‘Exceed Quorum’ for their AGM hosting service and minute taking service.”

Andrew Ho – REMFMI

“They hosted our annual general meeting. Everything went smoothly, and we even passed 4 bylaws!”

Kateryna Polek – Nadlan Harris Property Management